Free Russian Brides - Traditions

Free Russian Brides - Traditions

Matchmaking Free Russian brides was one of the wedding ceremonies preceding the wedding. This tradition is dedicated to obtaining the prior consent of relatives Free Russian Brides for the wedding. Today, this tradition is a bright and festive event, we simply have forgotten this tradition. This tradition in our time is expressed as a meeting between the two parties in order to address organizational issues concerning the future of the wedding.

The rite of courtship Free Russian Brides, Russian traditions

Matchmaking was born in Russia for a long time, his main task was the conclusion of property agreements that served as the basis of a new marriage. Quite often, the bride went to the matchmaking. As soon as the young man was determined with the choice of "decent» Free Russian Brides, about his decision, he informed his parents. After such message relatives future groom began meticulously to collect all the information about his beloved, well-being of her family and all her ancestors. If the collected data were positive and meet the requirements of the groom's family, in his home he held a secret family council, where the godfather or big brother summoned or invited matchmaker matchmakers that are sent to the house of Free Russian Brides.

In Russian tradition acted as matchmakers or godparents of the groom or his immediate family - his uncle, older brother. Russia is also of particular importance was the matchmaker, who acted as the mother of the groom. However, it also happens that the suit exercised enjoys respect in the village woman in this case has a lot of experience. Appeal to help the matchmaker was honorable because it was thought that she would be able to host this event more successful than the mom and dad of the groom. Later, the matchmaker came to be called a woman who had an eye on unmarried Free Russian Brides, which recommended them to turn to her parents or to men. Her services were very popular, as was present belief that the ritual will take place "without a hitch".

Of interest is the fact that in the old days in Russia not only wooed Free Russian Brides. However, this point has not taken root among the people, so basically speaking about the match, matchmaking implied by the groom.

Matchmakers came to the family home Free Russian Brides and allegorical form were in charge of the desire of Man to marry the Free Russian Brides. Obtain the consent of parents, in their home they organized the first evening ritual, where the event was told to close relatives from both sides.

To the ritual courtship Free Russian Brides was successfully held by tradition should perform some ritual actions and precautions based on the belief in omens. Superstition people to certain numbers and days of the week was reflected in wedding traditions. In particular, Wednesday and Friday are considered unfavorable days for marriage, so these days it was impossible to block out any activities related to the wedding. The number 13 is also attributed to the adverse, so strictly followed so that the tradition and the wedding itself does not fall on this number. Such numbers such as 3, 5, 7, 9 for the ceremony and the wedding was special. It was believed that those numbers bring luck and good fortune. Most often woo went after sunset, probably to avoid the evil eye or damage). As soon as the two men left the house lady, one of the female half of the households are connected all the poker and tongs together. It was believed that this action attracts good luck in business.

Free Russian Brides - History

Were the people and other wedding omens and superstitions. For example, going to the house to make a match, the person should not have to meet anyone, let alone speak. And when he came to the right door, at first he lightly touched his hand and shoulder to the jamb, and then knocked on the door. When prompted, enter the house and his matchmaker "henchmen" were baptized in the image, and then began to speak. Another interesting moment that came with matchmaker during a conversation secretly tried to touch the legs of the table, which was conducted for the conversation. The bride throughout the ceremony kept silent and traditions changed three times their best clothes. During courtship ritual also existed Test future wife, in which Free Russian Brides should go to the center of the room and show their talents and skills. If Free Russian Brides was from a family of lace, then a demonstration of dexterity tossed from one hand to the other bobbin, and then took out the lace, woven towels for the wedding. According to Russian custom groom, referring to the parents of his beloved, talks about his feelings and asks them for her hand.

After the matchmaking on the custom of the groom and his parents went into the hall and onto the porch to exchange views about the bride, even if they knew it. Then the mother of the future wife Free Russian Brides groom drinking glass tray. If he drank the contents, then, the bride his liking, therefore, be a wedding if the bride only prigublival drink and brings it back - which meant that the wedding will be.

But in Ukraine, on the contrary, the choice made party Free Russian Brides. If the bride was not to their liking, he was handed a pumpkin or "Garbuz". Leaving matchmakers usually closed back door, which was a kind of curse, did not bode marriage. But if a guy Free Russian brides parents and her family liked anoint young bride and groom, the wedding day was administered and held for a joint council.

Today, the suit takes more dynamic. As a rule, on the appointed day and said Free Russian brides while groom comes to the house of the parents of his beloved. Since the event is still grand, the groom should be dressed for the occasion (suit and tie) and buy two bunches of flowers, one of which will target the future Free Russian brides, and the other to her mother. Besides, the guy should buy tokens for the parents of his future wife.

Often visit timed to coincide with the future groom any family event that creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Swat, as a rule, is the father of a Man, a relative of venerable age, the godfather or close friend of the parents. This ceremony may also be involved, and other relatives of the groom. His parents express consent of the right hand connection Free Russian brides with the future son-in-hand.

If parents, for whatever reasons, to participate in this event are not accepted, Free Russian brides should also pay them a visit and get to know. At the same time it must be prepared in advance bunch of his future in-laws. During courtship determined positive psychological relationship between the future relatives. After the event, the future married couple arranges a meeting of the parents. And the meeting could take place on any of the parties. A festive table parents discuss all organizational aspects related to the wedding: the venue, the choice of toastmaster, drawing up menus, who will pay, where they will live, young, etc.

Previously, it was assumed that all costs associated with the wedding, the family of her future husband takes over. Today, this item of wedding worries young parents may allocate at their discretion. Often young self pay wedding.

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