Free Russian Brides, what is it?

Free Russian Brides, what is it?

Free Russian brides (st.-Fame. Nєvѣsta - and not from the Veda t. E., "Unknown", "unknown") - a girl or a woman to marry. Unofficially, she is considered to Free Russian brides since consent to a marriage proposal. Officially - from the application to the registry office. It is also possible within the meaning of Free Russian brides «woman of marriageable age."

Free Russian brides Slavic tradition

The transformation of social status Free Russian brides symbolically conceptualized as the same as a death and the birth of the new. The process of the ritual of "transition" for the Free Russian brides more relevant than the groom, as she has to move to another side, a new family. Therefore, the majority of wards, which enter into force after a courtship, deals specifically with Free Russian brides; rituals associated with it, more diverse than that of the groom, both activity and participation of the Free Russian brides in a ceremony. Numerous ritual and magic actions and prohibitions related to the Free Russian brides, aimed at establishing new social and family relations, to ensure a happy and lasting marriage, love and harmony, prosperity and economic well-being, health and long life, fertility, power over her husband and the rule violence, early marriage, girlfriends Free Russian brides.

«Free Russian brides» often began to call the girl was on reaching marriageable age. Free Russian brides with a rich dowry was called by the Russian bogachunya; receiving a dowry of arable land - a country bumpkin; It has a lot of clothes and stuff - boroshnistaya Free Russian brides; is a success because of its beauty and attire - slavnuha, slavutnitsa, Slavenka. Premarital agreement of the parties completed betrothal or engagement, then the wedding Free Russian brides received special names: Rus. sgovorenka, zaporuchenka, poruchenitsa, Belarus. zaruchonaya, knyagіnya, Ukr. Princess, adverbs, Polish. narzeczona, Slovak. verenica, snúbenica, slúbenica, century-puddles. slubeńca, slabjena, Bolg. glavenitsa godenitsa, serbohorv. string, zaruchnitsa, words. zarocenka and so on.. Some names assigned to the bride at this time, continue to be valid at the wedding (Belarus. Maladaya, Ukr. young Polish. (panna) młoda et al.), and after the wedding until the baby is born (Rus. that. the daughter), and some apply to Free Russian brides only espoused (Makkedah. armasnitsa). In Russian Free Russian brides called Princess, Princess usually only at a wedding at the Sorbs - knežna after the announcement of the engagement in the church on Sunday before the wedding. After the wedding, and changes hairstyles and headgear Free Russian brides received new names, such as Russian. young, young women, moloduha, molodushka, pullets, and others. After the wedding, the bride, the previous name (rus. bride young pullets, moloduha, molodushka, young women, Polish. młoducha, bolg. roll, Mlada Neviastata, serbohorv. Mlada, Mladic) and get some new (Rus. vyunitsa see. Vyunishnik), which act within a certain time after the wedding: six months, the entire first year of marriage, pregnancy or before the child's birth, for a year or more, up to three more years, until the young Free Russian brides do not begin to be called "Baba"

Free Russian brides Clothing and accessories

Wreath Free Russian brides woven of viburnum, periwinkle and fragrant herbs (Bel., Ukr., Pol.). According to the beliefs of the Bulgarians, in a wreath must be present viburnum, while the young will love each other

Flirt Russian brides

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