Love, marriage, Sex, Russian Brides

Love, marriage, Sex, Russian Brides

Life in America and in Germany, Russian Brides

(Real-life examples of love of our fellow citizens and foreigners
and moving to another country. Personal stories)

Love - is love, without which a person feels lonely. This prompts him to seek Russian brides and save even those relations which are subject to all sorts of tests. Understand the mind can not be why people wish to find happiness Russian brides? They are sometimes irrational, illogical, and sometimes risky. Love and dream is stronger than all the prejudices, more logic, more of all kinds of circumstances. With only people do not make for the sake of love and family preservation, go to any sacrifice, in the hope that as a result of their efforts will bring them happiness. And sometimes they are right, as if life itself prompted them to the right path.

"For the favorite Russian brides - to the end of the world" - says one remarkable saying. And, indeed, able to love the people are ready for any exploits, even to go for the favorite to another alien to you, just to be together. It is not always such a good ending madness, yet there are plenty of great examples of creating a happy relationship Russian brides in another country. Here are two examples:

"My husband and I have known each other since high school, but began to meet already after it finished. We studied together at university and to its end of my future husband at the time offered an interesting and challenging work in America. We are faced with the choice of how to build the relationship further, to try to keep them at a distance or go together? The first option is we just do not like it, we did not want to leave even for a day, not to mention the fact that we have to live in different countries. It meant the end of Russian brides relations of our love. We decided that we will go together with great joy married. My husband is good at school to learn English, so the language barrier we nebylo. America welcomed us very well. At first we were filming housing outside the city, far from the center. But soon able to buy an apartment closer. Fortunately my husband is well earned. And I went to study courses designers, moonlighted as a waitress in a restaurant, and a profession, I took design sites on the Internet.

We never for a moment regretted his decision to move. Another country gave us the opportunity to realize their talents, find their place in life, she provided us with all necessary. We now have a good opportunity to work and earn money, and just a good rest. We began to travel across America and every year come to his home in Russia, so we have not much nostalgia overcomes. Although, of course, to be honest, we still miss my hometown, where I studied and grew up, where they were so careless, and where life seemed to us a continuous feast. But we have grown and now we need to look after themselves, to create and protect the family. I am Russian brides. And it's not so simple. Any relationship tested periodically through the stages of certain difficulties, misunderstandings, quarrels and insults. We are no exception. But we were able to overcome all of this, as yet we understand that everything we do - for our families, for our future. And we really appreciate our efforts, and we are holding on to each other, so overcome it together. This further strengthens our love. Galina Russian brides »

"I am Russian brides are no longer young, married, divorced. I have a son, he, unfortunately, disabled from birth, so sometimes I have to is not easy. But it is for his sake I have always lived and continues to live. I am Russian brides. I decided, in whatever was to provide us with all the necessary son, she was engaged in vegetable garden, grow healthy fruits and vegetables for her son, she worked as a school teacher. But other than that I've always wanted to have a normal family, a husband and father to my son, support and encouragement. I knew that I had little chance, I'm no longer young, and the child is, to the same patient. Who do I need Russian brides? And who would have imagined that I would find him?

My husband and I met, corresponding over the Internet. I did not set a goal to marry a foreigner, though secretly wanted to meet her prince on a white horse. Mark and Germany, and I'm Russian brides from Russia. We communicate in English, because I did not know German, and he is Russian. We are different, but we are united by the desire to find your soul mate. I had no idea that this soul mate can be a foreigner. It would seem that we have brought different cultures, we have a different mentality. But our souls turned halves of one whole.

First, Mark came to me. We saw and did not make a mistake - feelings erupted with even greater force. For a whole month, we did not leave for a minute, I'm Russian brides showed him how to live, taught him Russian words, and he gave me a German, I am ready for him traditional Russian dishes - he was delighted by this! He was so good to me and that is the incredible, very attentive to my son, but Mark has his own children from his first marriage. I can not understand that he did not work out why it went from his wife, he's an extraordinary person? He said that they were not interested in together, they have never felt a special spiritual connection, and one day they had to leave, because everyone is looking for themselves what is best. So, as fate would have it.

Mark had to go home, back to work. And in front of us naturally raised the question of how to build a relationship on Russian brides. Then he asked me to move in with him, get married, start a family. Russian brides I was in heaven with happiness. But at the same time moving to another country scares me, because I did not know the language and did not know what would do in this country. But Mark offered me his help in solving these problems, he said that will hire me and I'm learning Russian brides can learn the language, and then I can do what she wanted. What else can you ask for? And I agreed to his proposal. We got married in Russia and left with my, or rather have with our son. And yet we have very good! Our son was successfully treated by good people, and we are waiting for the replenishment of the family. Valentina Russian brides »

If there is love and trust between people, spiritual closeness and a common goal and a dream, you can overcome any trial Russian brides, which fall to your lot. It is important to sincerely seek spiritual closeness and understanding, and not to run for a beautiful life, which supposedly will provide you a foreigner.

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