Top 5 sexiest things in the wardrobe Russian Brides

Top 5 sexiest things in the wardrobe Russian Brides

Once I decided to conduct an experiment to find out what men are attracted to Russian brides. The method of careful observations and calculations, I noticed that some are attracted to Russian brides a sense of humor, cheerfulness, intelligence, and other - easy, naivety and the like. Conclusion: how many men, so many opinions. But there is one common item - clothes, which makes Russian brides sexy in the eyes of men. I share with you a brief list of sex, according to the stronger sex, wardrobe.

First place

I bet you're thinking: this lace underwear. And here and there. First place in the men's ranking of the sexiest things for Russian brides, takes the usual T-shirt-alcoholic. And not for nothing, after all, it underlines the shape of your breasts, it seems that men are very sexy.

Second place

But this place is deservedly lace underwear Russian brides. I think that comment is superfluous. Of course, it is not necessary to wear every day, but a couple of sets you should be.

Third place

Most guys like long and slender legs. Therefore, an honorable third place is occupied by Russian brides shoes with heels. And to be precise, it is the classic "boat." Heel not only improves gait, making it smoother, but also gives assurance of sexuality in men's eyes.

Fourth place

Next on the list - dress. Coco Chanel herself said that every Russian brides should be a little black dress - men fully agree. And in combination with heels, this mix of clothes becomes almost Viagra for men.

Fifth place

Closes our top sex things Russian brides ordinary white shirt. And do not worry if it will be your boyfriend. According to men, it is best to wear next to the skin.

And finally: Do not forget to "put on" spirits, which, according to the icon Marilyn Monroe women's sexuality should be Russian brides, even when she is naked.

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