Tears Russian Brides

Tears Russian Brides

Every year thousands of Russian Brides marry Americans and continue to live in America. According to the US Department of Justice over the last 10 years in the United States from Russia and the CIS countries has left more than 100 thousand Russian Brides and 90 percent of them have American wives. And statistics show that the flow of Russian Brides in America is growing. This is not surprising. Only in the "World Wide Web" at the moment there are more than 800 US and Russian marriage agencies.

Each Russian Brides no matter the nationality wants to have a happy normal family, beloved and caring husband, healthy and happy children. And here in America, I am familiar with such a lucky girl. More recently, in a social network, I accidentally met her countrywoman from Krasnodar, who is now 12 years living in America, educates 4 children and 2 grandchildren and absolutely happy with her American husband. The second American husband. With her first husband, whom she met on the internet and bore him two children in her family life failed. But the story I will tell you another time, but now I want to write about Russian Brides, came to America in trouble.

Taking a walk across the expanses of the Internet, I came across the Forums Russian Brides in the US and just horrified by the stories of some of his compatriots. I do not know all these Russian Brides, but reading their correspondence and requests for assistance was horrified. Poor, poor woman, is of such a family they dreamed of in America, whether to such slavish humiliation and full of life they wanted, leaving their homeland. Impressed read, I decided to write this article. Perhaps my publication will help to decide Russian Brides, dreamed of finding Prince Charming in America and make before flying to a distant country a hundred times consider and weigh the pros and cons of living with an American husband.

Russian Brides - A cry for help 1

"Girls, I had an incident yesterday. I married a year here. At first everything is fine, like, although it is understood that "bells" were not silent, it was necessary to have a mind to pay attention to them at once, and not to believe and excuses herself to them as convincing.

Yesterday, once again, the incident was, but this time within budget, usually in the quarrels he pushed me, threw or poured on the floor, I otpinyvalas, otbrykivatsya, pinching, and yesterday he twisted my arm behind the elbows and pulled up on the rack, I'm in pain could not utter a word as a steel kick him on the legs (tibia) to let go of, and in response received several powerful blows to the liver. I did not know before, that there is such a pain. It began to pull a cell to call 911, screaming that call the police, and I have it ripped the phone, continuing to wring his hands by the same method, and he called his neighbor, and an answering machine yelled that I beat him and he asks for help. Then he called his mother (she was with him all his life lives) to run to a neighbor and asked for help and the neighbors called the police, such as he had beaten. His mother came so busily calmly explained that could tell the police that I was drunk, but her husband said do not talk as if I osvidetelstvuyut, be clear that a lie. I do not drink alcohol at all, once for a long time in 16 years, nearly died, as I have unbearable body. And my mom, and he knows it.

In general, as I tried to escape, again I received a blow to the liver, but was able to dodge him. I ran to the garage, got into the car and sped off in the near park. There, hidden in the bushes, I dialed 911. The problem - no language, and even terrified, I can not figure out anything, something like that said, I need Russian translator, it switched all the offices, and finally connected with an interpreter.
How he could, told

As mogla- told, and I transferred that her husband had called the police, it is near my house and told to go back into the house.

Arrived, there were 2 cars, two officers, one to me out of the house, again scored by phone interpreter, so using it and talked all the time. I told him about what happened, how and what he said, my height, weight, and returned to her husband. The husband and his mother told the police, I came home and no reason is not a sudden began to beat, torture, scandals ... The officer was surprised to look at me (height 167, weight 50 kg), the husband of the same height, but pumped trains , Mother below, but twice as wide.

Then the officer came back to me, again through an interpreter interviewed and said that all understood, and concluded that I am considered a victim of domestic violence. Then the officer gave me a ticket to the address of the court, said the 5 days to come there, to tell the defender and there decide what, and how to proceed. He said the address of the hospital where I go for help (strongly cut right side), but since there are no visible traces of severe beatings, I any help they can no longer.

Girls issue such a great city, I am extremely ill guided only in their areas. I myself did not get to the office of the court, I do not know how. Here I do not know anyone, and how to ask for help, he yesterday took credit card, there is no taxi can know who, whether it makes sense to call once more the 911, and through a Russian interpreter, found the officer yesterday, her husband may be obliged to take me to the office and to the hospital.

The husband asked, but he flatly refused. I hurt, I'm afraid that something liver.

People what to do? Tell me something !!! "

Russian Brides - A cry for help 2

"Please help, I do not know what to do. We have an interview scheduled on August 7, the first green card. But her husband was gone, and 2 days later I got a letter from him, saying that out of love, I left you 70 dollars. a taxi to the airport, pack your things and leave. I do not appear while I'm gone. Another problem is that I do not have money for a ticket and accommodation. He just threw me a baby.

I live in Florida. The house is his, acquired before marriage. I arrived January 18 this year on a fiancé visa, and on 30 March, we were married. I do not know what happened to him, we did not fight, he just left. I wrote and called him but he ignores me. I watched him periodically depression state. Perhaps he is now in a state of depression. What do I do with the interview if he does not return? Please tell me if you know.

I do not want to leave without a divorce. Did he just might leave me without means of subsistence and with the child? I understood that he did not want a divorce. He just ran away. And from what I myself escaped not understand. He was always strange. Is it possible to stay here? I do not protected in this case? Thank you very much for your answers! "

Russian Brides - A cry for help 2

"Hello, help me pozhaluystv advice!

I have been married for almost a year living in the US, my husband as soon as we got married, I mentally began to humiliate. At first I thought that things will get better, but recently realized that things get worse.

The constant threat of deportation, if anything he did not like in my behavior (although I exemplary and faithful wife), constant insults, denial of money and buy food, lock your phone and the Internet.

A couple of days ago I accidentally found out about his numerous infidelities throughout the year, with several ladies, including girls 16 years of age. I was told about it by his friend and even showed filmed on phone vidio, where they both have fun with the girls.

I can not go on. I'm in panic fear, because if I gather belongings and move in with a friend, he turned to the immigration office and say that I deceived him, pour me a bunch of crap, but our marriage and the real. I have a lot of pictures of the 3-year acquaintance with him and a lot of witnesses that we live together this year.

I'm so dopeklo, I want to call the National Domestic Violence hotline, but what does it mean? Green Card I do not have, to get soon, work is also legal yet. Advise what to do in such a situation, I am in despair. "

Russian Brides - Cry for Help 4

"My husband, such as 4 months ago, came home from work before me, and I stayed at the kindergarten and saw that the house was no beer is very angry. When we came home with a child, he did not explain began to beat me. When the baby began to cry, he grabbed our son and shoved him to the nursery. The child hit his head against the wall and he was bleeding from the nose. How is it possible, it's his son, too. I locked with a child in the nursery, and her husband at the time calmed down and begged forgiveness. As such it is possible to forgive?

The next day, as soon as her husband left for work, I packed up and my son and I went to New York for my cousin. The sister's husband American listened carefully to my story, looked me in the eye and nodded sympathetically, but at the first opportunity called my husband and told him to come and get us. Here, the next day he found us and attacked again at syne..takoe was ... no words .. I threatened him, that will no longer tolerate the beatings and call the police. To this he called out to me that the authorities will say that I am here illegally.

I came to America from Belarus on a student visa, met her husband, fell in love and decided to stay. He promised to marry me and legalize my status in America, but for 4 years and has not fulfilled his promise. We lived in a civil marriage and officially are not painted, but I am the mother of an American citizen. My son is an American. I did not know what to do and how to be, how to live.

My sister's husband reassured something like my husband, they sat down for a beer and drank to the point that both began to kick me with his son on the street at night. My sister could not stand up for me, too, because her husband is afraid to get under the heavy hand, the more that it is now in the position.
At the forum, I learned about sheltor

On your forum, I learned about sheltor- shelter for women with children. So ... .in sheltor I called myself. On your website, I found a phone and called. Sheltora workers arrived and took us. Drinking in sheltore very good, even more. They do everything to brighten up your sad life. We settled into the room with a neighbor. All tolerant person gets used to everything. From beginning I could not touch something, you know, you can catch all sorts of diseases. Then he used to.

Regarding sheltora not fear contact, they are very helpful. I have a new Russian girlfriend, who lives in sheltore a year. The history of the same scenario. After the wedding, the husband turned out to be a scoundrel. So, while it makes a green card, she lives in sheltore fully provided for. Admins have found her apartment, which she then will live, bought her furniture will pay the rent for three months while it will not rise to his feet. Girls just awful at first, but you can imagine that you are lying in the hospital. But conditions are a hundred times better than the hospital in Belarus. Do not be afraid !!! Now I'm hiding from his former, since he decided to return to me. He does not know where I am. I told my sister about this, he pesters her. Already I love again, but I do not want to. Live is here and hope for the best. "

Russian Brides - A cry for help 5

"So I have a problem, I do not even know how and in what forum to write.

Married, been here for almost 2 years (it will be December 19). My husband does not work permits, the money does not even leave the house every day, prohibits calls from work and check the house I. Controls have almost everything. I live two miles from the city. I was in the public services are not recorded, there is no general account, and soon to collect the documents to obtain a second green card. Nowhere is not seen with him. He does not carry me anywhere. He does not drink, does not smoke, a permanent job he has. We live in one house, but two completely alien man.

If I'm doing something wrong, he wants to get angry, offended and can be with me then do not talk to day, or even two. 2 times already warned that could get me back. Communicate with me does not want to prohibit call my sister. If you ask that realties for me to do, shouting that he had a problem there as it just started to live with me. I try to talk to him, he does not want to spend all our time in different rooms.

I've read a lot about women. How I pity them too. My husband also degrades and calls me, he never though I did not say a bad word. And my husband has a gun and how scary it, who knows what's on his mind, suddenly want to shoot. I really did not hit it (and God forbid, that would not have happened), but it feels to me to have power. That bully. Once and he told me to get away from him, I can not because I have no home, no job and no money.

Somehow I do not quarrel with him would be desirable. I understand the need to defend their rights, but he warned me 2 times that if I behave myself properly, he would send me back to the second Grinko as there are very few. He had once "drove" me out of the house. In the store, he openly flirted with the cashier at my presence, and I (when they came out of the store) tell him about it. On the way home he was silent, and when they came home said that if I did not like his behavior, I can pack up and leave.

The girls are cute, I can not go home, there is nothing I have not left, all sold and the money given to fool her husband. I leave her husband can not, during his life it is easier to get a second Grinko, I can not go home, where I have nothing left but to live with it more and more difficult. I live on a powder keg, I do not know what he'll do next time.

Tell me, what to do in such a situation? "

Russian Brides - A cry for help 6

"Girls, I'm here I can not understand the behavior of her husband. I just recently in the country, knew her husband 2 years, several times came to me, each time showed itself at its good side, was very generous and attentive.

We got married. His generosity gradually began somewhere to escape, increasingly began to talk about money spent, sometimes even going so far as to say, de ngi spent on food and so forth. I slowly learned that his salary is quite large and I began to feel strange, avarice, or it may be he is their financial affairs accurately. He shopped his furniture to things-all pretty old clothes to wash-perestirannaya, but what surprised me the most is that he has all the storage and one room crowded with some iron boxes, microphones.

I did sprashibayu-what it is, and he says that this radio and it is a hobby to collect them, and then fix it. But I never saw what he would do something there with them fumbled or repaired, or even something there. But the strange thing is that I started to cause concern, he could greatly scream in the car, such as "Stop", and when I told him make remarks that why to shout, you're scaring me, he will give himself as a slap in the face with all his might hit or lips. I asked him, what are you hit, and he replied, you're mad at me, so.

Once I asked him to put on another shirt. It's like hitting his head on the wall. And it's fucking head against the wall or slap yourself just become a regular occurrence. I even asked him, is that you, in your culture, so it is accepted, but I am frightened. Few subsided with it.

Also notes that it does not tolerate any noise or people talking loudly or TV. Friends he does not, he can be silent for as long as I'm not a conspiracy. But if we go to the people who simply do not know, is such a nice, polite, well, just to the artists can be recorded.
I watched him

I watched him for 2 years, he priezzzhal me, we met in third countries, it happened that I was doing there and some comments, but he reacted normally and calmly. And when I arrived, he quickly "unmasked." From beginning I was surprised by the change in the generosity of avarice, then that I noticed that he was some sort of my statement perceives as personal criticism and immediately begins to get nervous.

One day we went to visit by car, and he said - "There's something to repair the road," I: "Yes, I see." And he will give himself as the lips ... ..Koshmar.

I do not know what it is he is in his behavior. Just sometimes afraid of stala.Iskala pills from him, she thought maybe that takes on something there, but found only the empty boxes on the pressure. What should I do

Tears Russian Brides

So, dear readers, in this article I will tell you only about 6 examples of failed marriage of our compatriots, and it is possible to write about the thousands and tens of thousands of failed marriages. Everything written above does not preclude and successful marriages. So decide for yourself where and with whom to live better, at home or overseas. People say that "the house and walls help."


Inna - Russian Brides

Girls read and can not hold back the tears. I am here for one year, as some mail order bride. I live and honestly do not even know how and where to claim their rights. She came with her son. The goal was one, but there was a Christian. He described himself as a Christian, and the Bible does. And he came and he drank every day, was sharp with mnoy.Odnazhdy even washing powder for even choose not allowed, not to mention that the painting even bought a ring. Back to go, no money. His children were very rude to my son, well, hard. The documents do not replace status. My parents then sent me dengi.ya asked him to spend the money on documents for his son and me from the tax refund. In general, as soon as it came to tax refund, it appeared from the house in debt for the amount of $ 1,800 in all, it would only apply for documents and fine at the rate of the money that I got from their parents. Anyway, I picked up the scandal began to manipulate the type of law know. In general, it is unpleasant to remember, but the documents were sent. Son like it very much, it's hard, but he likes the system of education, like that it is possible to start working. And I can not choke. I sit at home, no car, no money, living far away. Public transport is not present, the right to work there, nothing. I can not, just do not want to live ... ..

Tatyana - Russian Brides

All this is terrible. But our men older women and men do not feel young and rude behave. How is tired of rudeness! We do not have enough men, many ladies grab the men. Of course, the lucky ones, why do they need to go somewhere, it is not known to whom? Many of our women hard life. And it is almost impossible to change.
And how can you be sure of the person, if not lived with him unspecified number of years?
Russian men and twenty years of living with his wife well, and then throw caper ...
Legal correspondence, see the photo. It seems very good. But I can not believe in the good, the bad as seen from the Russian.

FFF - Russian Brides

Deffki, you forget that you are there the usual Tajik in Moscow. And no education, no knowledge of the language will not change, it does not change the situation of Tajik knowledge of Russian or Tajik finished university. And you can imagine yourself, what kind of people could become the custom for the bride overseas - in fact, it is people who have already cast out local broads. Imagine a Russian, choosing as his wife had just arrived and you will see a Tajik their status.
Their cops are primarily to protect their - not because of prejudice, even, and they just perverts their closer and clearer, and these foreigners are uncertain and suspicious. And even knowing that man a scoundrel, they become suspicious for Tajiks and finger wiggle.
And while you're there will live 100 years, and will remain so you come in large numbers for the sweet life poluprostitukami, polunarkomankami, poluprestupnitsami, ready for anything.

Alina -

God, what nonsense. Especially the last two paragraphs.
You all have been in America?

Svetlana - Russian Brides

50% written - is nonsense, nonsense. A "cry for help 3" - all complete nonsense. Entertainment with girls of 16 years for any adult male in America (regardless of his marital status) - is officially criminal article (in any state). And if someone is engaged in such entertainment, it is strictly confidential and not to friend, neighbor and his wife knew otherwise zagremit a little man in jail without question.
With regard to changes in general, in the United States is not that they do not have, they are of course, but so that no one knew, and there was no evidence. And if someone has changed and the "injured party" and the evidence found there, then the divorce and the "injured party" gets almost everything in a divorce, and changed (whether husband or wife) - walk Vasya bare ass. In America, such things are not riskuyut.Tak that all these tears of numerous infidelities and girls 16 years old - it's terrible tales. In general, the law in the United States mainly on the side of women, so you have to be complete fools * nd not to arrange here (in the US), and their lives depend on the wrong husband.
P.S. I am writing from America, where I live for 8 years, and I do not mail the bride. :)

Lana - Russian Brides

I agree with his namesake. All that is described here - nonsense. "He was good, but then suddenly changed." All of this journalistic horror. And the fact that only trash coveted Russian bride - too. I'm married to an aristocrat, he of the famous American family, his ancestors were prominent figures in politics, business, military, and their names are named streets, schools, military ships. I was introduced to high society, which in Russia could only dream of.
BUT !!!! Very important! We met not online brides where men really look at you as a commodity that advance puts you in a humiliating position, which then backfire on you against your foreign husband. We met through the work of chance, no one thought there was about any novel. That such marriages - when everything happens for real, for love, and not "look for a minute I was a bride," they are real, strong. What I know is Russian-Amer family with strong marriages, it is only those who are acquainted at work, or on vacation, but not specifically on dating sites - the disintegration of marriages I see here all the time.

Lana - Russian Brides

I forgot to add - my husband is not old freak, and the young and beautiful (even jealous) man, sporty, with great athletic figure. Not without flaws, of course, for example, likes to throw clothes anywhere, a bit lazy, etc. , Garbage, with which you can live. But the fact that he raised his hand to me, and even more hit or bullied ... He is a gentleman, and these are the terms of all (though they are very courteous, gallant, and I know their wives - would not allow such a fun to you! then the men go on a short leash, because the laws are mainly on the female side). I can not imagine that a man could do such a thing here ... And the laws are such that because of the delivered bruise he might lose all of the state (through the courts), a job, etc. It is not Russia, where my neighbor beat his wife, and in response to her statements to the police they answered - family matters, out yourself. While he did not break her spleen and her in intensive care in a coma not hit, zero attention to the beating.

Maria - Russian Brides

Maybe you are more fortunate than the other girls, and they gave you education your parents have helped you find your gallant and well-mannered but her husband, but you must remember that your life is not over, and early to make such conclusions. Life is very often puts you at such a place and shows the other side of the coin, and I am more than confident that one day you will see in your gallant husband more disadvantages. And God forbid that he would not raise his hand on you. What I am more than confident that one day this would happen. Because women know how to make your brand from a good bad. But not once, gently.

Dana - Russian Brides

100 %% agree, I miraculously escaped from the melting gentleman !! Barely feet claimed, the driver was able to do through laysens 3years, have not been without dokumentov.Zhila machine dokumentov.Dengi not given, there was no food, I ran away to prepare a plan. Managed to save 70doll.Uzhe in N.Y found work domrab.i found advokata.Ya not know lucky enough ??? Much more unlucky !! On Russian married Zsa those who did not go to an American. !!!

Anna - Russian Brides

And what these horror stories? The type of girls do not go to America for a walk ... There are bad uncle, and his uncle Russian Luce ... Not pyut do not smoke, do not fly obyadyat ... It is better to be in a position in America and the most to survive than in Russia, and there is no sheltorov ...

Irina - Russian Brides

Exactly! I subscribe to your comment!
It is not the first article, where "bully" type of look that's what Americans scoundrels =)


Even in a loving man can cruelly mistaken. I would not dare to marry nowhere and do not know anyone. Not for nothing are advised to measure seven times! The myths, the myths around their fault. Like, all the polls foreigners gentlemen, knights and millionaires!

Maria - Russian Brides

I'm sure that it's hard everywhere. There are many programs and articles about our men who scoff at women and worse Americans. But here enough idiots. I know a lot of stories from the life that told the girls about men monsters from America. But we must remember that they are everywhere and do not make exceptions. But the one who boasts that he is doing well and he is happy - know one thing, it's either a lie or temporarily. Ideal does not happen. I worked in a beauty salon 13 years
It's like in the confessional, many women share their personal lives and believe everyone has a bad history.

Vera - Russian Brides

Why, I wonder, is the former military should definitely be rude idiots and sadists? Do you know how many? And you'd think all Russian men - angels. Worst attitude to women than from our former compatriots, still search. American, Mexican husbands run wild strapped to his back after work and do not moan that they are tired; they walk with their children, help my wife spend in her free time, finally. Something our Russian husbands do not hurry to do it (most of them). In addition, there are personal qualities that has not been canceled. Everywhere there are good and bad people. You can not cut all with the same brush. And the income of her future husband does not guarantee a good attitude towards women. Or am I not right?

Elena - Russian Brides

Of course it is impossible to cut all under one comb. But we must not marry the first comer foreigner. but for a beloved and loving man, which is 100 percent sure. Especially for a foreigner.

Tatyana - Russian Brides

I was very surprised by these girls! I live in the US for three years and seen a lot and been reading different stories. Stories that I encountered personally thank God everything is very good.
I do not understand how a girl can marry is not clear who (usually ex-military) or even neponyatki who move with their children without knowledge of the language? And just do not understand why they need it?
Marry this serezdno decision but also move to another country ...
My good advice, look for someone you are going to marry on his family, his income, friends, and if you meet online have the least money on the way home! And learn the language and know your rights!
Good luck to all!
P.S. Happily married husband, 3-year Russian-American (grown in the United States) met in mutual friends!

Elena - Russian Brides

Silly devochki.Dumayu that many houses were not sweet, here and decided to try this way to arrange his life and the lives of their children. But .......

Vera - Russian Brides

This statement is the women who do not know and do not want to know their rights. I do not think that all the problems begin from the day of their arrival. In six months or a year can have time to acquire a sufficient number of friends who have necessarily (!) There is at least one lawyer. The lawyer of any profile can recommend you as a family and immigration lawyer. This is the first. Second, America - not Russia. It hurt a woman is not so easy! Tested on personal experience with RUSSIAN husband. Americans also know the local laws, and in addition, they are not in custody of their mothers until retirement, and women their value, but do not use them. Exceptions, of course, is, do not argue. But (!) In a divorce, tend to suffer (and material including) more than men. I had a single friend who has suffered such an attitude of free housing, but that's another story. Why American woman CAN NOT do that? Because she knows her rights and respect yourself!

Elena - Russian Brides

I believe, who are not glupyy- not fall into such a situation. And there, who knows.

Tamara Rozinsky - Russian Brides

Such stories fully and ruskoyazychnyh sites. Women see marriage - as a way to create financial stability. Moreover, this illusion is, as young women and with age. The dream of "support" that will solve all problems. A support should be inside, a woman should feel the person, then it is an interesting man, no matter what nationality he was. These cries melkaet- I tried not to notice, he thinks change. And how can you think of for someone else? For what not to notice what is rejection? Who said that marriage - Problem Solving? On the other hand, involves the passage of any Brag period grindings in finding compromises on many issues. And it turns out, is not always a Russian woman want to marry because they are good, but because they agree on everything, agree to suffer, they become dependent for its financial dysfunctional.

Elena - Russian Brides

Nearly all women know that change an adult is very difficult, or rather impossible. And yet, they believe and hope. In vain. Over the years, men have become worse. And we women too.

Irina - Russian Brides

Lord, a horror! Really it is not clear that a wife in Russia and the countries of the third world looking for losers! Old, filthy, ugly old illiquid Americans at home. They prescribe mail brides like dolls, free cooks, nurses and servants. Do not you have the sense of our Russian women to understand this? Look for a man in his homeland, we still have a decent and good, I assure you. Do not throw these American losers.

Elena - Russian Brides

Irina, there are many successful marriages. There are no bad American men linked their lives with our compatriots. Much depends on our maidens. Before you take this step, you need to be confident in the man at 100. But our girls are often rely on random. And so it is impossible, especially since this is a foreign country.

Marina - Russian Brides

Scary stories ... but it traced a pattern - despotism and aggression occur where there is complete dependence. And, above all, where there is still no right or no idea of ​​what rights already exist. Therefore, if the woman decides to take such a step, it must insure itself. First of all, it must learn the language of the country where going to go. In - the second is to know what rights it will have at all stages of adaptation and citizenship. Without it, even the most rasprekrasny man is dangerous. Popular wisdom says: "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." That's what she and wisdom. At all times.

opium4people - Russian Brides

I know these stories. Just once blackmails backwardation - you go to the police and declare that I say I like her husband, all thrown out for him in Russia, and he with me here ... How to Handle It's a country for women ..
Florida, when I lived there - his wife filed for her husband to court for what he did not quite satisfied (not including the amount) - so it is planted.
It's much easier than in P and do not make a tragedy out of this

Maya - Russian Brides

Yeah ... .I have long been of the opinion that all of these situations occur when a woman is financially dependent on muzhchiny..znayu own experience, my intelligent, well-groomed, well-mannered, highly educated husband twice showed all their (pardon my slang) when govnische I do not earn dengi..i not matter, I was sitting with a child at home, or simply been nepruha at work .............
not strong inner core, plus he is the only breadwinner (again, no matter he brought home 3 pennies or $ 3,000) -all! Get a wife !! liver and if not then imposed deretsya- brain because of his despotism ..
it is a problem not only Ameriki.ya live for 20 years in Europe with his Russian husband ... the same garbage from our girls, married local

Tatiana - Russian Brides

Just incredible! While I am also very wary of the fact itself, why foreigners, Americans in particular, are so eager to marry it to our women, and those who want to very much ... I know that anything can happen, but such horror could not imagine ... And how old these combustion husbands, I wonder? A female victims? As I understand, it's the young, or not? Those who are about 50 - are also the same across?

admin - Russian Brides

Of different ages. But older women are generally more serious approach to this issue. A young dumayut- many years to come, all have time. Many people just dream to escape abroad, and marriage is one of the simplest solutions. I know a lot of happy couples. But ... .. Now my daughter's friend in the shelter with 2 children. Here to whom it has got. Maybe then I'll write. While she is doing badly. Poor girl.

Flirt Russian Brides

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