Russian brides America

Russian brides America

Russian brides are very popular abroad - especially in America. Recently, the author of the material, the Americans, coming Russian brides. In anticipation of her arrival, he decided to share some of the doubts and fears that arise in this situation now quite popular.

To begin with, someone in America is looking for Russian brides. I agree that it is - a very strange subject. He that its not enough? Why is he eager to buy a Russian brides? American woman slave feminism and equality, too demanding, well aware of their rights, especially in states such as California, knows how to swing and in the case of divorce, let your ex, if not the world, it is much emaciated.

Following the same plant (as they are very calibrated, for reading the same women's magazines, watching the same female transmission and generally love to be unique standard) - that the wind. So they go in search of the Americans Russian brides, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese and other non-American women.

American husband - a real miser

Evropeek Americans do not like - too cultured, extravagant, capricious and unpredictable, and the right to know how to swing cleaner American. Islamic and African wife, too, is not in fashion - and what to do with them? Filipina - homebody and housewives, faithful to the grave, the Chinese woman and flip flops - skilled cooks and meekly welcoming, Russian - beautiful, good in bed, and education. And they may not understand belmesa in American life, they are ready to take off on a ghostly green crunch headlong.

To this should be added several features Americans scurrying in search of alien wife. Almost all of them terrible miser and hog - from our point of view. He's ten times a day call his wife Honey (honey - honey), but not because she is so sweet, but because it is - a convenient standard that allows not to confuse the names of wives and girlfriends of other martial. But, calling their narrowing Hani, he did try to disappear from the eyes of the restaurant when the waiter brings to the payment account or to charge home half of grub and wait, use stiralka, shower, hairdryer, condoms and his view of the blooming fence. However, the American also names to avoid confusion, all their men and Hani is also trying to Sloop with him for all the way up "if you want sex, take me to Las Vegas, but here I have a headache from the Etowah case."

Skuperdyaystve US borders does not know. We sit like a threesome in the restaurant. Her husband, the owner of twelve million and a decent house with a swimming pool in a prestigious area, said: "I cry." I, of course, choose something quite tasty and cheap, almost $ 30. Wife, sleek and thoroughbred Russian, trying to order something similar. Husband, do not hesitate to me, said to her, "Honey, that we can not afford," and orders himself a five-dollar sandwich. My wife had to order a sad thing to ten. And together we celebrate getting them another inheritance in the amount of six million dollars. And clink glasses - I canceled the collector, the wife of a millionaire - and mangy mongrel Chablis, a millionaire - a glass of water.

Russian brides - the dream of every American

With the mother's milk, Americans absorb two ideas: marriage - this partnership, the partner must be constantly beat, so it does not beat you. In addition, an American, bought himself a foreign Russian brides, will do everything possible to make it as long as possible is completely dependent on him and did not know anything about their rights, the national regulations, customs and laws. He did not lift a finger to hit, to help her learn English, a car, get a job, to get the status of your stay: it is unprofitable, and the rest - do not care.

And, of course, it is his habit to US indefinitely lie and brag of their income, real estate and other riches of the soul and wallet. An American bride matchmaking built its strategy on the presence of his property. Oh, how he painted his house as he painted it! The property was ... boat. "Try someone to say that this is not the property! - He said at his sad bewilderment Russian brides and immediately added: - I take this as a boat house, because it is already five years old live in it."

Sometimes the house is really a home, and the owner of the house really is an American groom, but you have to be a fool, hoping this untold wealth: a house will soon become the property of the previous wife, has long been bequeathed a (family, church, community amateur blow bubbles) - it does not matter who it is important that no Russian brides, who should be happy that uses telephone and toilet at virtually no cost, and the rest - for a modest fee.

American law against Russian brides

Sexual slavery called marriage with an American begins at the conclusion of a marriage contract, where multiple pages describes what and how much the bride is not supposed to do with marriage, or after the ceremony or after the divorce is almost inevitable after several difficult years of marriage - to the teeth wall and his fists clenched. It does not save even a perfect knowledge of the language. Those who do not have the English are just in a desperate situation.

American laws are defending the interests of American citizens (and it is right and natural, although Russian brides, accustomed that Russian laws are directed against them, and unusual), but it is - the laws are directed against all non-Americans, including the hapless Russian brides from Russia. We must be very loving American to oppose these laws for the benefit of his wife or a bride, but that the concept of "loving" From our point of view, the Americans did not apply - for them to sacrifice a stranger, as much as Tchaikovsky's music is foreign to the deaf by birth.

We walk along a toy beautiful town, populated almost entirely of wealthy Pinocchio. Each house - from three million or more. I - First National has almost annual distance unhappy marriage Russian brides beautiful. "And this - my prison - shows it is a huge, lush home. -I Rarely go out there, because there is no place to go." I try to protest, but then bite my tongue: the car does not know how to drive it, and it does not have the machine to the nearest places of entertainment - more than two miles in pitch dark night of the prestigious area of ​​money on entertainment she also there, and English virtually nothing.

Finally I find some version for thirty-five, full of life and life's ordinary desires of women: "And with her husband in his car?" - "He was already 64, he was very tired and goes to bed early in the evening in their half." Later, it turns out that it is extremely tired of idleness, since no job and lives that rents three houses in a more expensive place. "Why did you marry him?" - "If I knew it!" - "And why did he marry you?" - "I myself do not understand why. We had never slept together, and I do not even know if he's a man. But Viagra he drinks." Zasskazyvaet Anya - Russian brides.

Russian brides - No friends, no lovers.

A lover Russian brides can not - if my husband finds out, it will automatically terminate the marriage and throw her out of the country within 24 hours. To protect her cash-strapped, will not take no lawyer, she was afraid to make friends - this can be seen as an attempt to adultery. Green card is necessary to wait a few years, either hung up or endure. Impatient hung up ... I know dozens and hundreds of such marriages - and none of them are happy, or at least safe! Although, perhaps, any.

It is clear that this text, I fought back the last crust of bread for the many businesses on the selection and sale of Russian brides, but only the crust, because butter and eggs to take away from them is impossible - top seller! They call all this slave "social tourism" and by removing the foam and cream on both sides

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