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Russian brides the kitchen

Russian brides the kitchen

Yesterday, the topic "Place of women in the kitchen," I jokingly leave a comment that Russian brides are highly valued abroad for the love of cooking. One Russian brides apprehended my words seriously and immediately wrote it all bikes and normal foreigners marry her, and Russian brides are looking for those to whom compatriot not coveted. And another Russian brides said that Europeans are just jealous of the beauty of Russian and jealous of their men towards them, because they themselves are not distinguished by such qualities. Then the topic was removed. I personally do not know any foreign or Russian brides, became the wives of foreigners. And married to a foreign prince, I never wanted to, I will note at once)
On the Internet I read only about the advantages of our Russian brides, which distinguish them from others. Something like the ability to love, to forgive, to show emotions and so on. But there was no word on potential suitors, whether or not they are discarded at home that no one except Russian brides, they will not look without tears. So where is the truth?

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