Love Story Russian brides

Love Story Russian brides

July 8 in Russia was celebrated Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. Especially popular this holiday enjoyed in a social network. Only in 2014, the Day of Peter and Fevronia noted 28 million people - the people who presented a "gift" with a symbol of the holiday, and it was designated in a personal calendar. Especially for this day, we have offered our readers to share the most lovely family photos and touching love story!

David and Victoria: "The history of our dating all admire. I worked as a logistician in the transport company, and future husband - truck drivers. He lived in Norway and often traveled to Rostov.
On the day he arrived in Rostov.
One night I stayed on the job - was rain, autumn weather was cloudy, and then the young man offered a nice cup of tea in the cockpit of his car. Very strange, but I agreed. Then he gave me a lift home.
The next day I went with him to Rostov. It is our view romantic trip honeymoon. And began to live happily ever after, have been together for 2 years! "

So I became a Russian bride


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