Russian ladies for marriage. Russian women

Russian ladies for marriage. Russian women

Russian ladies for marriage
International marriages, particularly when the Russian women marry foreigners, has long enjoyed great popularity. This phenomenon has its origins in the mid 90s. By the end of the 90s saw a rapid increase in the number of Russian women who marry foreigners. The number of women under 30 is 60%, the average age - 28 years. According to statistics of the Ministry of Justice, over the past 12 years, it counted about 75 thousand Russian girls who stopped in the United States as brides of American citizens. Specially even published the book "101 advice on how to marry a foreigner," which is very popular on the Internet. More than half of those who went abroad, women with higher education.

According to the study, most Russian women want to marry Americans, French, Germans and Italians. These men are also very pleased to marry Russian women because they have a high cultural level, in youth they are very beautiful and hardy and industrious. At the end of the 20th century gradually took shape institutions that helped the Russians to go abroad through marriage. Many people have become rich thanks to marriage agencies, which mainly addressed the fair sex.

Russian women are increasingly using the internet are looking for the loved ones from abroad. One of Russian experts on marriage noted that many women in Russia only want to marry a foreigner, they were not even interested in the financial situation of her future husband. The experts formed the impression that Russian women believe that only abroad, you can find happiness.

Following a change in Russian society, there have been great changes in the criteria for selecting partners in life for women in Russia. First of all, Russian women prefer men who have a high social status. In second place are simple men who have to be a good family man, it is better if a man has any distinctive abilities. After marriage, women hope to feel protected, and want to maintain stability in the family.

Many girls nourish hopes to marry wealthy men. Following this idea, a lot of Russian women want to have a husband from abroad, believing that if they marry a foreigner, you will fall into the "paradise".

Experts believe that the reasons for the formation of such a multilateral phenomenon, including a large number of social issues, as well as problems related to the economy and population. It also includes features of the Russian nation and culture, problems of the population in Western countries, as well as issues related to the psychological and cultural needs of Western men and the degree of openness of society.

Many experts believe that international marriages, particularly when the Russian women marry foreigners can lead to "leakage" of the Russian gene that any no way inferior to the "brain drain."

For Russia, faced with the problem of population after the Second World War, the output of Russian women married abroad, exacerbating an already difficult situation. Since 1991, Russia has experienced a growth in the suicide rate among men aged 30 to 59 years. According to the census in Russia in 2002, the number of men by 10 million. Less than women. Reduces the number of those who marry at the same time, an increasing number of divorced - this has led to the fact that more and more Russian women marry foreigners.

According to the analysis, such a process will cause adverse consequences for Russian society. For example, a large outflow of Russian women abroad will cause an imbalance in the ratio of men and women in the country, in addition, lead to "leakage" of Russian genes decrease the viability of the nation.
Russian ladies for marriage.

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