In Odessa, the bride dressed in white marched traditional march through the main streets of the city.

Deribasovskaya thunders Parade of Brides

Odessa bride walked the traditional march through the main streets of the city, the correspondent of "Duma".

Current hits - the seventh in a row. The first was held in 2009. Today, the march was attended by 50 girls, chosen by lottery from more than five hundred contestants. The orders were submitted throughout the year.

"We have provided the participants with all the necessary, it will need to repeat the most memorable day in your life - your wedding day - said the organizer of the parade Maria Reznikov. - All of the flowers and limousines to make-up and photographer. participants get for free. The only thing that they have their own - a wedding dress. "

Eight participants of the parade - the girl "in position." They joined the procession without preliminary qualification: it is believed that future mothers are special events decoration.

"This is a social event. We promote healthy human values ​​", - says Maria.

Besides the traditional catwalk on Deribasovskaya, the program provides for the launch of flowers into the crowd, dancing fifty brides, wedding cake competition and group photos in all key locations the tourist center of the city.

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