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Let's try to imagine a situation in which modern girl wears a crown. Get married in these days is not all beauty contests also benefit unit. In general, the average young ladies the chance is very small, and in fact in the last century in the Russian north, it passes through each, and not only within the walls of the church.

Simplicity and minimalism are perfectly combined with youth and innate natural beauty. Well aware of this, our ancestors wore daughters so that more children could see thick hair, smooth face, and sometimes the hands up to the elbows. And during the holidays and before the wedding, this principle was of particular importance: a modest maiden dressing is often replaced by a high, sometimes in a cubit, Venice. Through the intricacies of his motives too were seen neatly combed hair parted in the middle. It is hard to imagine a more appropriate and at the same time, a rich piece, especially if it is complemented by a veil.

When photos of old maiden crowns ("Koruna") appear in the network, particularly attentive immediately start asking questions: what made these delicate designs? Really, forged from metal? Maybe woven beaded and wire? If not, how do they keep their shape? Ironically, all this embroidery, or rather, "fathoms of whites" - an ancient, very time consuming and almost forgotten art.

Multiple layers of fabric and cardboard piled on top of each other, it was the basis, then, stitching through, laid on top of bundles of ordinary white threads and "planted" glass pearls and rhinestones. The web is then cut through, it becomes easier and more transparent. In some cases, the entire circuit is simply embroidered with gold thread in several layers.

To crown is not settled and will not warp, its size composition of flour or mashed bread in water. To cope with this work could the farmers themselves, especially that skill plays a much greater role than the high cost of materials. Crown conveniently bent around the head and behind its edge binding tapes, allowing even adjust the size. A great addition served fathoms pearls Kosnik which was fixed with tape where the hair ended in ugly brittle tail, thus hiding it among the jewelry and hairstyle straightening under the weight of this accessory.

"Here's Kokui with him and rejoice"
"Their wives are not unlike the first noblewoman," - he complained about the Russian peasants Croatian scholar Yuri Krizhanich in the middle of the XVII century.

The abundance of pearls in outfits for the common people struck by it and misled, in Europe it was unheard of. Especially a lot of rich braid, with gold threads and pearls meet on headdresses, which are time and worn by married women, competing with the boyars article in tall hats.

Science does not know the cause and the true story of how there was a strong association is "girl - kokoshnik." Moreover, this relationship in cartoons and children's books illustrated by oblique actively released from his headdress. None at the old photos or pictures on those times, no mention is found in anything like this. After Kokosh in some regions called chicken, and chicken only has a beautiful scarlet crest that regularly carries eggs and capable of procreation.

The right to wear in the Russian tradition kokoshnik granted exclusively to married, which meant in turn that all the hair must be carefully braided in two braids around her head and removed from sight by a modest povoynik that suggests such a structure.

Hard hat in the bottom kokoshnik, fortified multiple layers of fabric, cardboard and bark supplemented blade, towering over his head, as was the custom in the Yaroslavl and Kostroma provinces. Or being in itself high, on top of it is covered with richly embroidered Donets. These were, for example, kokoshniki in Kargopol and Moscow.

It closed temechko unites him with forty and even namitkoy, as mothers and women hair is not as good as a girl's, and time to care for them to do. The ethnography of the Western Slavs there are lots of references to the fact that the braid after the wedding and did cut off. At the very least, a farewell to a scythe and "okruchivanie" young new headdress is characteristic of all our neighbors.

No matter how the story evolved, fashion returns. This year across Russia held a record number of master classes in splicing different types of braids back long hair became a symbol of romantic femininity. An unexpected breakthrough was a partial victory in the All-Russian competition "New names in design 2013" collection of wedding crowns Vladykina Sofia, after which many really interested in traditional Russian fashion. And how would not pass unnoticed century, have real beauty and art always have a future.

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