How to marry Russian Brides a foreigner successful?

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Marry a foreigner successfully
"Visa for personal happiness"

Even today, with all its apparent simplicity and accessibility, the way to marriage with a foreigner is thorny, and it is possible to pass not many. It seems that the obstacles and difficulties await you at every turn. But the most bitter disappointments waiting, perhaps, those who have already left and enjoy the fruits of life abroad, forced to return ...

How to marry a foreigner successful? How NOT to turn your marriage in a lottery?

You have two options.
Option One

You can indulge in "independent sailing" on the World Wide Web and the cost of their own time, mistakes and disappointments to study, observe, analizrovat and try, try, try, narabatyvaya own experience, relying on the help of "maybe," "I bet" and "somehow ". Risky, but worthy of the way and I sincerely wish you good luck!
Option Two

You can accept our help, support, expertise and advice, having specially designed for you online course "Visa for personal happiness." The knowledge gained in the classroom course will help you to better understand people and see the world not through the cloud of his speculation, and in the light of common sense. This will help you make the right decisions, make the right choices, and finally get a visa for private happiness.
"Visa for personal happiness"

Since the late 90s, as a translator and English teacher, I am engaged in international marriage, as some of my students have always been and there are women who study language for emigration due to marriage. In 2009, I enrich their "deep theoretical knowledge" threads personal practical experience, marrying a foreigner and moving to the United States for permanent residence.

It turned out that it was "practical" level I lacked to generalize the knowledge gained. At first I was thinking about writing a book - a manual for those who are looking for happiness abroad. But the book is a book, and what could be better than a live human communication? After all, the online lessons you can ask questions of concern on behalf of you, and to receive competent answers.

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