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Carrie Bradshaw.Pro New York has sung all the songs about New York already written all the novels about New York already removed all the movies. New York, New York - a city of contrasts, a year receives a stream of wanting to make money, to improve their skills, to arrange private life and, finally, those who come off in full. But New York, to look at and hitting his head zakruzhivayuschy huge, is even more daunting, and you feel in gnomom stpane Gulliver. Gnomes in this realm of gray skyscrapers and wide avenues, which are not always passed sunlight through the windows Office Listings of your company or your outrageously absurd, tiny studio that you forced to either of the top share with kakim- a poor student, not to the entire salary goes to pay housing. Lost in the city and easy to get out on the wrong road, which can be confusing and morals and laws of the city, just as easily as twenty years and sorokoletny as once again we prove it the heroine of the series "Sex and the Big City" ("Sex and the Big City ") - a woman quite successful, but lonely and lost.

New York does not accept the weak and subject to temptation to people, and if they will, then tempted to impropriety - till the last loss of his "I". New York loves strong, independent, interested and talented people, provoking everyone's deeds every day, or as the Americans say - 24/7, meaning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would like to explain to the reader what I meant by the word "feats" - that does not translate grandmother across the street or get a kitten from a burning cellar. I mean the good deeds that make New Yorkers fairly cynical, pragmatic, selfish, motivated and ... cool people. But it's not even the worst thing that can happen to you in this city; the city makes people indifferent to the values ​​that are so close to the Russian soul - it's your friends, relatives, family, spiritual values ​​and religious beliefs. In New York, the main thing - and always in the first place - it is work, and then, and then - everything else ... A city of contrasts has a double face - the face of a world capital of fashion, film studies, food, financial institutions, theaters; person - skyscrapers, celebrities and multinational residents ... and another person - a person who you or I can see, coming to New York for the first time with the aim to stay permanently; it is - a negative face every-day struggle for survival in an environment that on the one hand inhibit its temptations, a on the other hand make you krepche life and resistance to reality, where would you then lived. As the Americans say - "If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere." (If you are able to survive in New York, then you will definitely be able to survive anywhere.)

Wall streetNyu York - a school of life - a dream factory where dreams and dreams dissipate once under the mighty winds of the Atlantic Ocean and the multimillion flow of people trying to survive and also to exceed the 5-year plan for your life, then to say that they live on Upper East and Upper West Manhattan, next to Woody Allenom, Nicole Kidman or Sarahoy Jessicoy Parker - the heroine of the beloved and idializirvannogo series "Sex and the City." To then say that they dine at Per Se, Baltazar or Sushi Samba, which are known not so much for its cuisine as bomondnoy clientele. To then say that spent the entire day in the Spa Bliss ($ 200-400), where not only cleaned all the pores on the body, but also to lay on the same couch where nezhilas Paris Hilton. To then say that their shoes - the latest model Manoly Blannik ($ 800- $ 3,000), and that they have not Novick in your wardrobe, and that at the last show of haute couture autumn season Miu Miu and Versace, you were so close to the Ume Thurman and Demi Moor, which could see their heads. To then say with bomondnoy weariness in his voice that you do well, just everything there is no time - you narazryv everywhere, and even the parents will call you once, and you are not friends videli "a million years." It is precisely the New York pride in achieving the main purpose of your visit to this city - and the acquisition of survival status, without which New York would not be New York, and would like all the other cities in the world. Why, then, to live in New York, if you can not afford all this luxury? After a temptation everywhere!

And it gets annoying everyone's idea of ​​coming to New York City man, especially a man with a periphery, well there from some Ohio or Minnesotty. And I'm not talking about innostrantsah - they really come to New York in order to survive; this is the most rabotyaschie people in New York, but also the most daring and brutal - they put the finger in his mouth can not bite the whole hand. Their morals and values ​​so carefully instilled by parents, teachers and native society remain strong only until such time as they are not faced with the reality that with daily statistics prozhivayuschih and willing to achieve the same thing and they - the people of this crowded city. And there are at least 9 million, and every second of them - innostranets, and for them the value of their grandparents had not stayed home and turned into a symbiosis of native culture and acquired the New York cultural survival.

Despite all this, New York attracts addictive and does not let go of yourself no one who can put up with its laws: if you want to live - learn to spin, you want to live like a white man - put the number of your boss on speed-dial, for Service Establishments 5 in the morning and buy the weekly order not to forget birthdays of your family and friends, and to plan your evening with your favorite people. And forget about the weekend in nature - far away, cork, and no time. Forget about get-togethers for the soul - only on business and colleagues is not always fun and friendly. Because the weekend, you will most likely be either vkalivat at work at Uncle Sam's home or read additional instructions to the new programe of work, or rush to the shops, buying semi-finished products for the week ahead, or clean the apartment, wash in a Chinese laundry across the street (if even lucky with location), without taking his eyes from the stirochnoy machine. And all this is repeated again and again, every week, season after season.

SubwayNo this is still stuff of everyday life - if you are someone who is just beginning to osvaivatsya in New York, then you go in the goal, dirty and smelly underground with the homeless, who are either sprinkled with powdered infant myself in the car, or cut their nails, and where huge rat walking on the paths as the mistress of underground kingdom. And from the ceiling drips some filth and the smell of urine smell interrupts the most expensive perfumes and colognes. And most importantly - out of the situation there, because you are squeezed in the car and to the right and to the left is by beginning young professionals who are rushing to Wall Street, where they are without a lunch break, between smoke breaks, and will tolerate hunger and stress of 11- 12 hours a day - up to an unhealthy kind of eyeballs red and swollen veins. You'll be lucky if you can on the weekends to escape from the bag and the stone to get to the only oasis of the city - Central Park, where a minute or two, you can score the reality of your existence - but only within the park. Without it - the problem becomes clear again. But even this is not important, but that in the pursuit of career growth, success, material well-being and for the status of "girl - socialite", you forget about that today - den birth of your girlfriend, your mom is not a month You can reach you, and you ignore its messages left on auto-responder, and that is not it time you all how to eat - not standing over rakvinoy with a frying pan, and sitting on a chair at the table, like all normal people - as they say eat not suhomyatku and not on the run.

High HeelsChem sucks on you desire for status, the closer you plunges from your own success to the dash of loneliness, because every friend will forgive you your forgetfulness, and at other times is not. But you live in New York, and your friends all over the world you have to be jealous and envious and can not understand his own happiness, and that zaklyuchaetsya is that they do not live in New York, and they have a splash spiritual emotion, and communication with friends and family, and each week they read a new fiction, while you at the same time in the packed subway, crouched, read New York Times or Wall Street Journal. New York - a city of contrasts is only for those who still knows how to distinguish a contrasting color, and how not to get lost in one of them - in gray. B grayness of the day, week, month, year.

Now you probably think that New York - it is not a city but a monster, and you say to yourself: "I will never go back, I do not need this endless struggle for survival." But apparently, not so bad, if New York still come thousands of people every year and there is still some life in the city - it's intriguing, it is - interesting. And anyway, why should I be among those who are always in an endless struggle?

Firstly, fortune can smile to everyone, and if you will immediately see the interesting work at once can be improved and financial position. If you still find yourself in a circle of people, not ill New York snobbery, and the cultural evenings with friends you security, perhaps even -Moral support! If you caught in its midst - and his associates brothers - it will be with someone to go to the Russian ballet, open a week of Russian cinema and ask Duma deputies at the party at Columbia University. Even excruciatingly long trip to Brighton Beach will seem short, if you and enjoy the smells of childhood friends with Russian products in stores from buying Russian fimov and music, and from otbornogo mat from which your ears have become estranged.

Russian in New York is different. There are Russian, who live by the same rules and with the same habits as in their homeland - all only Russian - from cakes to baby cream "Alice" from the Russian feast with friends until Russian cuisine is often purchased on Brighton Beach and joint Russian baths, where kid in tight swimming trunks are not averse scalded with boiling water and you spank a broom, and then invited to tea with jam or even something stronger. In general, for such Russian all would be well in America, if not throughout the mesh and do not cut in "our" way of life amerikantsy. There are other Russian - illegals, communication with kotorymi turns into eternal torment and guilt, because you can not help anything, and every time a proposal to become unreal Activity since live in different statuses would be like to live in different dimensions. And you will become a shame for himself, and for them and for their country, which has forced them to such an existence. But it is precisely this home you still love, and all the negative associations with it, you will become unpleasant and disease.

TaxiA there are Russian, who found themselves in a professional American companies, rent apartments in good areas of the city, found in the best American clubs and restaurants (but dear it is also not alien, but on the contrary), and most importantly, their social circle is not limited to Russian people, they are friendly with the representatives of all ethnic groups and attend events both Russian and American, Indian, Chinese, etc. They enjoy a variety of cuisines, but at the same time celebrate Old New Year and May 9 Prototype-Soviet restaurants, such as "Russian Samovar" or "Russian Vodka" - a favorite place of Paul Bure, Oksana Baiul and Mikhail Baryshnikov. In all these restaurants usually Prototype-Soviet - and the music, and plum vodka and salad venegret. Even towels - and those with patterns and offitsianty as you meet the surly forgetful and bring you salad instead ordered pancakes with red caviar. These typically operate a Russian financiers, or to programmers, or a lawyer, but not the exception, that there are those among them who work in Public Relations, marketing, design situations, medicine and advertising, but restrictions still there - barely meet Russian journalists writers and broadcasters - areas where you need to know the specifics of English as a native language. The emphasis is not accepted everywhere, as far as America would not be tolerant and liberal to a foreign-specialists. And this leads to the fact that our talented compatriots with a diploma of journalism of Moscow State University, or have to expand into other specialty, or endlessly beating on the doors of the only two Russian TV channels in New York - NTV and RTVi. But even here it has all been seized, and places are limited to the already well-known journalists from the Russian immigration. This reality is often confusing to people who all his life shone precisely this creative profession.

Ney York ParkA there are a la "Russian elite" - it's either children of the "Soviet nomenklatura", "new Russian", or the children of politicians or Russian bohemia. Usually takih community names are not called. This is done for several reasons: to add importance, give the mystique and create the kind of showing that besides work, like everyone from 9 to 18, and they have more important things - the endless parties, benefit performances, trips to the country gourmet "reserve" - ​​Hamptons where it is going sreme de brule New York - rich and famous, and where he spent time American bohemia and the aristocracy. Something like Rublevki. Then all these presentations in the Russian Embassy, ​​dinners at Harvard Club or participate in the auction Sotheby - ie These Russian are participating in those events where you can meet people of the same status. This girl usually languid eyes, dressed by Cooter and rented an apartment in the most fashionable and expensive New York Reinach. They prefer to rotate only in those places where they provided free access and VIP table. Their circle of friends included and promoters - kid who knows everything and everyone, and which provided input and status. If you find yourself with these girls in the same company where you are immediately greeted (and escort) on clothes, then as a response to their offer to go shopping in the afternoon in the middle of the week and the answer: "I can not, I work till evening," they , raised in surprise thin strips shaved eyebrows, asked: "How? Do you work? And I thought you were so ... "What do they mean by" because "I never fully understood. Probably meant: "I thought you were so - of our", ie - Butterfly-dailies, with no problems of everyday life.

So, everything is there, just need to make the right choice, the right to enter into a "light" where you cozy and not a party of non-Russian citizens of New York, which can make the truth in your life and explain that than from his own experience in this gorode. And most importantly - never to forget and not to lose his "I", because New York, as well as Moscow, will take anyone, anywhere it is not going anywhere. Tolko is necessary to make the right choice!


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