America. Problems of adaptation Russian Brides

America. Problems of adaptation Russian Brides

Depression currently writing a book will not work - too all nearby. A view from the outside is necessary, in the squint. Who would aim at?

"Homesickness" poems of Marina Tsvetaeva - she returned to the old Russia, that - you know. Not that she was. What to take with the poet ...

Not talk to anyone. It was at home. One. Objects of interest - from the category of high-flown. Boring. Not only that - a little energy for the colorful stories orally. My favorite genre - a leisurely conversation. Ideal walked girlfriend, the main advantage of which - listen. Occupation such a psychologist.

Breaks. From the lack of the usual dose. Emotional. Vlupit to - sip stress dur lips draw tube - light fog in my head and temporarily good. The proposed means are rather weak and are silly, do not take. Pass through without leaving any trace. Impressions are not obtained, maybe nothing is imprinted in the minds of not ...

No blame. Offended no one, and I want to. I want to cry bitterly, bitterly - ah, I was unhappy! It does not work ...

And maybe not all - is the work? Or is it a cross? And what of benefits? And I believe if the union? And if the union - what personality? No one will resist against all. Allies do not - relax.

A terrible responsibility - to be for everyone. Once a woman - means all like me. If Russian - means they are too. Even men.

If you have a minimum amount of resources to create such a diverse culture - probably still aliens played a role.

Brother grandmother was a Soviet writer. Not considered.

Great-grandfather was one of the exiled Poles - and what's the use.

Words are concentrated in the letters emotion.

V.Rozanov and Anton Chekhov. A soft personality, how bright.

Mikhail Kashin, a classmate. Good vet with a beautiful profile. He married a woman with a child. It is my dream. When I need help - I go to his clinic where they treat animals. I, too - an animal.

Poor happens regularly. Law of nature. And nowhere to go.

Himself plant is not easy, all we have to show that you too have a right to exist. Surprised, but memorable. Always.

To be continued.

Remember! Blockage impure emotions harm mental health.

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