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Hello, dear Flirt Russian Brides! I want to share my joy: with your help, I found happiness - September 26 was my wedding (photo attached). Last September I posted on your site your profile, and in November met with Marshall in Moscow (I'm from Kazakhstan, Karaganda city). In April 2004, he came to me and 4th July - my son and I landed in Chicago. No difficulty has not done - we're from different worlds, and behave differently in the most seemingly simple situations. Yes, and we understand many things quite differently, and this despite the fact that both the language and the culture of America, I studied at home for years. But we were able to overcome it - it was a mutual desire and a feeling that he (it) - it is the very half bestowed from above. The residents of my hometown for more than three months read my impressions of America (I - a journalist, send your articles and pictures on the internet). Perhaps someday they will meet in the book, where a red thread will run the idea: look for - and find (the half), knock - and open up to you (try, be sure to turn !!!), asking - and you will be given (the happiness of my compatriots very, very deserved!)

Best wishes to all agency and its clients,


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