Two types of Russian women: Huntress of dollars

Huntress of dollars

Long time friend and not just audible song: Russian women who leave to marry abroad - mercenary hunter-rich husbands. This opinion comes from people of two categories: 1 - Russian men with them is clear - offended that they did not choose. 2 - when the opinion is coming from women, fiercely condemning his compatriots for greed. And often in such publications clearly visible low level of culture and mentality wrote it obviously people are not intelligent, and marginally-proletarian layers, and expresses the position - a typical marginal consciousness. Unfortunately, sometimes it is taken into service by people with diplomas (Diploma not yet intelligence index, unfortunately). And the authors of such letters furiously denounce selfish seeker of foreign suitors, the more it is clear that they themselves of a rich husband would not refuse (as every woman on earth), but that's just it, he does not get caught, and it's a shame. Most are women, due to some reason, what could be, for example, lack of knowledge of a foreign language or the presence of Russian husband, who now do not throw in the same window, can not themselves do the same - to get married to a foreign husband secured, so the cause such abusive articles - simple everyday envy.

The negative attitude of a number of Russian women to their compatriots, to go abroad is very similar to the one prevailing in Russia, a phenomenon called "provincial chauvinism." It is characteristic of the (stress - part and something else again accused vain, this time in relation to the poor people of the province) inhabitants of the province a negative attitude to the Muscovites, the false attribution of their negative properties. It played a role again cultivated the Soviet government's negative attitude towards the intelligentsia, which became part of the Soviet-type mentality, but the main thing that was the basis - better everyday and material conditions of life that existed in the capital, under socialism, when half of the country drove to Moscow for sausage, and still now, when the level of wages in the capital are much higher than in the provinces, and half of Russia goes to Moscow again, only this time not for a loaf of sausage, and on earnings. From that residents of the province itself, of course, do not feel happy. Poor Muscovites in this is not to blame, they are something all for equality in the conditions of life, but not on them as it depends. Underlying generated marginal consciousness and became part of the Soviet-type mentality, "provincial chauvinism" simple human jealousy is one who lives worse than the one who (even if he is not to blame) lives better - the same reasons that lie in the negative attitude women, departing married abroad. In general, strive for material wealth and normal human life - this is normal. The negative attitude to this need and in general to the money - again soviet mentality, cultivate the Soviet regime, it was easier to keep people in the socialist poverty. Therefore, people taught that seek to make money and live well financially - it's bad, should live only spiritual interests (that satisfaction also depends on their material wealth, hypocritical hushed up) - but what else could she do if she did not allow people to earn money and live like human beings.

Such "denouncer" ask: why are our women think they are extraordinary treasure, smart, beautiful, and so on, and that marry a man, bless him? Why do they believe that man is obligated to support them? And consider this attitude to family relationships consumer. And also argue that such a principle can not count on a normal family life. And what men seeking marriage agencies are not rich enough to provide a broken wife. There are even such opinion: "marriage agencies are not usually treated the rich foreigners who need a beautiful toy." What if the woman is really clever and beautiful, and a good man, and educated, and intelligent, loving and caring wife, and is really able to bring happiness to a man and something to give him emotionally, spiritually and emotionally, in addition brings home salary (which it may not need if he and his enough)? Why does this version the author does not occur? Why is it such a low opinion of their compatriots that denies them the right to be clever and beautiful, and the ability to give someone a compliment? Many women in Russia really, beautiful and clever, sincere and caring, good wives, really can make a man happy. And many Western men really consider myself fortunate for having such women. Many Western men think that the role of men in the family - to provide for his family and we are ready to do so, and have sufficient income to do - and it is not considered by Western standards to be rich. This does not see this as anything the consumer and do not belong to his wife as "beautiful toy", but with love and respect.

Such reformers believe that marries abroad only women run naked calculation. But if the woman is married, taking into account the positive mental and moral qualities of the person, their psychological compatibility, as a man he is pleasant to her, given his good attitude to it and love it believes it is worthy of love, so can love him, and at the However, his ability to create the material basis of the family - then this is that calculation? If the calculation is reasonable. But go married in another country where women do not have their work and in search of her to take time to study the language, retraining - because our diplomas there usually are not valid and requires several years of retraining, not having a husband who could provide for a woman during this period, that was nothing to live on - it's really unreasonable and dangerous.

The fact that the West - the average level of life, it is - quite secure life and a lot better than what most of the inhabitants are Russian. Therefore, look for the wealthy Russian women is not necessary - and with the Western middle class, they will be the good life. And sober-minded women understand this, do not chase for millionaires, but for failing to make the bread too, marriage is not running and are looking for a middle ground, which is quite possible to find. But this involves a middle income level sufficient to man could financially support his wife for as long as it has not found a job, and if she can not find it - what could happen. This is a sensible, sober-minded approach to the search for a partner in another country.

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