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Two types of Russian women - Loser

Two types of Russian women - Loser

It is believed that Russian women looking for partner abroad - a complex of losers who fault of their own do not have at home, so their only chance to survive - to marry a foreigner, they did not do anything for yourself at home to improve their lives and rely on luck, an event that would change their lives for the better, that this change was not the result of their efforts, as well as the gift of fortune. And speaking of myths, here it is just a myth. If you read the letters to women married abroad, I have already referred to the sites, you can see that many of them are women who have had success in Russia own business, your company, or a good career, a job and a salary, implemented professionally.

But now let's talk about the second category - the women do not have. In order to avoid unfair accusations again, just I say, that I belong to the interlayer successful - to the small layer of (only parts!), Residents of the capital who have good jobs and salaries and favorable material standard of living, can afford to spend a vacation in a foreign trip, eg. But I know very well that next to us is a huge Russia - where, unfortunately, everything is different, the province where the standard of living is quite different, and in the capitals of the majority of people do not have a good salary, and in this article I want to protect them - them women who are suffering financial difficulties, from the forces of embossing, in order to feed their children with a good education and professional qualifications, while living in miserable beggarly wages, sometimes selling at the market to feed their children - they are unjustly offended by the authors of articles, because they were in such a situation is not their fault, not because they are losers, clumsy, and have not been able to achieve - but because they put in a situation of social conditions of the country, it's not their fault, it is the fault of the country who has brought to its citizens living in poverty and the struggle for survival. And I do not understand how anyone can argue is a sacrilege - is sacrilege, because to assert such a thing - it is a sacrilege to their own people. You know how many in Moscow received a doctor? Young doctor begins work - 2000 rubles. This is much less than in the city need to buy food. How he gets in the province, I'm afraid even to think. They have graduated from high schools, where it is difficult to do, and where it is difficult to learn, they have a highly skilled profession. They're losers and clumsy? In other countries, the doctor - the most highly paid profession. They are not a failure - the country fails. It's not the doctor - this is an example, and the result of such examples could be hundreds. I meet a lot of visitors in Moscow, came to work - because in their cities, they could not make money even for food, and ate biscuits. By the way, many of them have education and profession. Such as immigrants from the province I saw in Germany that received a salary of 500 rubles Russia, which is also the year may not be paid, and not to die of hunger only because of potatoes from his garden - they do not because of their own incompetence and bad luck had to leave. And go get married abroad is just not the ones who did not want to do anything - and it is actively trying to do something, and have found that the take. I do not want to do something, and not just those who sit in Russia in poverty, and not trying to change anything. And it does not account for luck - and a realistic vision and understanding of the life of their country and the world, the standard of living in Western countries is much higher than in Russia, and there are opportunities for a person more. And the woman goes abroad not because he considers himself a failure and an empty place, but because the right knows that the living conditions of other countries do better than their own. And strive to improve their lives and find ways to improve it - and quite reasonably says about the mind and enterprise, it is unreasonable not to do so.

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