What are they - Seeker's foreign grooms Russian women?

What are they - Seeker's foreign grooms Russian women?

Mental quality of Russian women

It is known that Russian women are considered not only beautiful, but also thrift, good housewife. At the same time it is believed that these qualities in our time Western men to marry not entice. Of course, if a man is not in principle seek to marriage, it does not entice to borscht. This generally does not entice. But if a man wants to have a family, then a different matter. And as if he did not say that as a woman prepares for him it does not matter, but more important romantic thing is, he still wants to, and on an empty stomach no romantic love to the man in the head is not. And here at the Russian women do have an advantage over European and American, many of whom have limited cooking skills ability to put in the microwave and ready to cook a hamburger soup package. Many Western men lived their entire married life, all the time of marriage ate only soup cans, where chicken or mushrooms from one smell, and one from artificial flavors, and if once in 100 cans will fall a miserable fungus that it can be seen under a microscope, it is considered that you are very lucky. Therefore, domestic chicken and mushroom soups and pies, which they (in 40 or even 50 years for the first time!) Trying to Russia, they produce a considerable impression.

But is not the culinary abilities. Of course, we do not want to have looked on as a cook and housekeeper, but as a beloved woman. And no culinary skills attract Western men to Russian women, and that men like to care for themselves, they want, as well as women, to feel loved, to have a loving and caring wives and Russian women they see such wives. And the cake prepared for him a man is important not the pie - in their supermarkets quite ready cakes, and there is no practical need to cook them: important is the fact the woman caring for him, her love for him, which he did not see the woman from the West.

There is also an opinion that the myth of kindness, selflessness, decency Russian women in the recent health deteriorated, if not all melted away like smoke.

Again, examples of life: some men are looking for women in Russia, because they had friends already zhenivshihsya Russian women, who are all ears buzzed them what good Russian wife, caring and loving, and after which they rushed to search for web sites, or buy a newspaper advertisement. No, the concept of positive mental qualities of Russian women, loving and caring, not shaken, but still alive and well, as I say again, from my experience of dialogue: to ask a lot of men to question why you are looking for a wife in another country, followed by the answer "There is an opinion that Russian women are the best moral qualities, they are more important family values, they are loving and caring wife." And the idea is not a myth: though not all, unfortunately, but many of them are really a warm, loving and caring than Western women. This is for the sake of feeling - to be loved and to feel someone's care, not just for the sake of beauty - and go thousands of men in Russia, and Russian women are bombing letters willing to spend time and money to travel and endure difficulties with the export and adaptation wife-emigrant. To some extent then, of course, plays the role of a psychological trait in someone else's garden raspberries sweeter. It always seems that a neighbor is better, even if it is not.

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