Firefighter kept the Ukrainian Woman with child

Firefighter kept the Ukrainian Woman with child

Leonid Bystritskii soon realized that ... in love. One of these days the pair played the wedding

Returning home late at night, decided a member of the Kiev Department of the State of Emergency Situations Leonid Bystritskii to shorten the path and go through the station. Just think how quickly would in his apartment, Leonid his step. But he went to the waiting room, he could not help but notice the young woman with a little boy. The stranger sat down with his head on a suitcase, his shoulders shook with sobs. Confused baby hugging her neck. Leonid realized that he was not over.

A few months ago the life of Victoria from Lugansk continue. Young woman working in the office as a lawyer and they raised two year old son Sasha. Vick lived in his parents' house in the center of Lugansk.

- If someone had told me he would give up the house, all our things and go into the unknown, I would not have believed it, - says Victoria. - I had a job, no, but the result. Do not let it just was, but I felt the power to put a little son on the legs. And if the spring in Lugansk began the first meetings of the separatists, most locals no value to them. Yes, about the building of the SBU burning tires there were some clashes and battles, but the hope that it will end sooner or later.

Separatists, the more and it kindled the fire of tires - Soon, however, we could not go for a walk in our favorite park. And after a while the other two space were completely destroyed. Filming began. Separatists began bombing and capture military units, tanks appeared in the city. Activists who have supported European integration, began to disappear one by one. People panicked. Since then, more than in the courtyard of his house, we did not go. Fortunately shares were products. Day and night, machine gun fire rattled. Putting the child to bed, I told him that there was a fireworks display. And she was horrified to think what will happen next.

And then getting worse. Separatists seized the police station and released from prison criminals. Do not say on TV, but one of the main problems was chaos and looting. Sense of impunity, ran criminals in the private sector, under the muzzles of the rifles and machine guns drove the hosts and looted their homes. Bandits was not stopped. Other criminals announced hunt for policemen who at the same time she put behind bars. Several police officers killed in the street. Son of our friend kidnapped lawyer first asked one million US dollars ransom, and put out his eyes, and put ... In the city there were Chechens. They grabbed our girls on the street and raped. And it's not just a rumor - is a nightmare with my boyfriend.

The city began to shoot. We had one option - to escape. But where? First, let those who have had at least somewhere relatives. Someone - in other regions of Ukraine, someone - in Russia ... When he left, his car had buried our neighbor in the garden of the parents. "All loot the same house, - said -. Maybe the car can not be found." Everyone knew that the return will be nowhere. We decided to walk to Lugansk bombarded other military unit. Not far from our private sector - separatists seized the building of the SBU. We realized that if bombard it, militants flee into our homes, and we are easy to kill.

My parents were working at that time in the cellar, where he had gone to. In Lugansk, I stayed with my son. With parents, that in no case did not come back, we took the bare essentials and went to the station. Somehow, miraculously broke through the separatists occupied part of the city and could tickets for the Kiev train. Our car was completely filled with refugees. People were crying, hear their stories, was impossible. "My house is not - complained the woman in our car -. If you go to Kiev to the station I have nowhere else to go .." "And I'm like a road, - says another refugee -. Yesterday was killed neighbors ... "another woman told me that the school where she worked, totally bombed. Up to this point, I still kept somehow, but then I was seized with despair. What will happen now? Where I live, where you work? As for raising a son? I did not want to cry when a child, but his eyes were dimmed with tears. I went to Kiev at the station, sat in the waiting room, her arms around his little son, and burst into tears. Another life has never seemed so hopeless.

- Touch hand to her trembling shoulder, I asked her what had happened, - says Leonid Bystritskii. - The woman looked at me, her eyes full of tears. You know, there is a saying: heart skipped a beat. So when I looked into her eyes, something happened to me. After I excited, nervous. And I thought that this young woman is very beautiful ... "What do you think - immediately scolded herself -.. She has a problem, she needs help" I asked him what happened. Helplessly looked around, the stranger said nothing. "Let me help you - I suggested -. To take the case?" "I ... do not know - she shrugged -. So far, I do not know where to stop" "You're from the Donbass.? - I guess.? - Nodded Refugee" the stranger, and tightened her arms to the boy. "My son and I just arrived - explains -... But do not worry, I'll come up with something Right now I'm going to call your friends Kiev" With these words she took to see her cell phone and decided to start something in it. But then set it aside, "Do you think it is not too late to call someone? What time is it?"

I think time marked hesitant about what to say. First, it was really too late. Secondly, I could not let go easily. Young, defenseless, do not know the city ... Where did she go? "Look, I've got an idea - I decided to offer - It's too late, and you need a place to live Why do not you stay the night with me find hardly ..?" The stranger surprise even stopped crying, "Do you think How's that" "I beg you, do not worry - I suddenly as ambiguously expressed my suggestion - .. I just want to help, not your child to sleep at the station . In the morning go to the center employment, I will instruct thee "" I do not know - confused girl -. Uncomfortable somehow Why would you want such a burden must.? "" Stop -. I smiled -. Look for a baby - he is to sleep let's go "" Well, - agreed the woman at the end -. Thank you so much. "..

- Probably, it seemed madness - says Victoria. - Suitable for station offers complete strangers, to go to his house - and I agree. Lenya but somehow all types of building trust. Have probably played a role, and that he was in shape. This captivating. "He's not like a madman - I thought -. And if this - I have a phone and I can call 102". For some reason, decided that Lenya - a family man, and feared that his wife did not want anything. But it turned out, he lived alone in a service apartment. Sorry for the confusion (even if was in the house all cleaned up), Lenya immediately rushed Lay sofa, cooking dinner. I myself did not know it was so hungry (smiles).

Sasha did not ask too many questions - even on the couch son fell asleep. And we sat Lenya midnight and talked. I have everything that we've been through, and, oddly enough, I felt relieved. Maybe I should pour out his heart to someone. And Lenya so listen carefully. After he took a piece of paper and wrote me a detailed briefing - what and when to do. Be registered in the employment office to register as a refugee ... "I want to go with you, but for me to work tomorrow - said apologetically - .. But you, if at all, just call me if you must, I otproshus and to come. "in gratitude overwhelmed me, I almost broke into tears. Why is this man so I help you? I'm not his relative or even a friend. "I have to look for an apartment - I reminded him -... Tomorrow morning I will start calling friends and then find a job and something to shoot at the location" "That's when found work, and then let - said Leonid -.. In the meantime, I remain'm happy to help. "

* "I can not believe that just recently I was so unhappy, - says Victoria. - And now let anyone tell you that there are in life no miracles" (with her son and husband Leonid Sashenka image)

- The next day I did everything he told me - continues to Victoria. - Made it clear in the center of employment, that the work on the specialty, I can not even hope: ".? People like you - thousands Kyivites We know how many lawyers and all are unemployed or sweep the streets .." Since I met refugees , Many of them have not slept the first night at the station and did not know where to go. I like in the same situation. But thanks to Lena does not feel. But no one ever for me, so I did not care. Before I get from the center of the occupation, when the phone rang: "It Lenya How are you not lost All right ???." An hour later another call: "Do you have at home I usually get there?"

- But I'm worried! - Leonid smiling. - You're the one, you do not know the city. You never know what ... Honestly, Vick also I was very surprised before. Imagine coming home from work, and not to find an apartment. Everywhere perfect cleanliness, all lights up already. A hot lunch on the table. It has long been home made soup and meatballs eaten.

- It was the least I could do as a sign of gratitude, - says Vick. - A bachelor apartment in Lena requires a female hand (laughs). No wonder they say that fridge always find a man somewhat lazy. So I threw idle, took the cobwebs, cooked dinner. But did not expect that when he meets Lenya. Nevertheless, the way to a man's heart through his stomach, it's true.

- My heart still trembled at the station, - says Leonid and his cheeks crimson to be immediately. - Just drove these thoughts. "Napridumyval folly - scolded himself. - It is now not only to you And suddenly loves someone else.?", Inquired about his personal life did not dare. In order not to scare Vick, I tried not to show that I like it. But it did not.

- That's right - smiles Vic. - I could not help but notice how Lenya blushes in a conversation with me worry. At the same time, he continued to take care of me. When he learned that my parents were in the winery, offered to take them. "Maybe they need help - Asked -.? Or the money" And he immediately friendship with my Sasha. Comes home from work tired, but always comes to play with him. "Look where you live - Worried Mother -. About you because no one really care!" "Why is no one - I replied -. Here at the station ... I met an angel He takes care of me.". It seems to be not to think about love, but began to think to catch me that if Lenya at work, I kept waiting for him to call and already familiar: "then you happy I am alive" and if Lenya, as always, came home from work, and suggested we go to the movies. "We have to somehow distracted by the sad thoughts", - explained. Gave me flowers ... We have come a long way in the night Kiev, talking. The street was cool, but with Lenya I was warm and very quiet. I realized that I also love.

- The night began our relationship, - says Leonid. - For the first time in a long time, I felt happy. I was married, but divorced a few years ago. Friends were all trying to find me a bride, but nothing works. I'm not in love, and do not like anyone. Maybe it was needed - now that I met Vic. Of course she had to go I will not. Neither flat nor in Lugansk, nor to his parents in Vinnitsa. And, thank God, stop thinking about movement.

- Where can I get away from you? - Vic laughs. - Yes, and Sasha, I would not forgive - he loved Uncle Lenya. Son loves men in uniform, be it military or police officer. Uncle Lenya getting in shape. I have also thought about our common future. But do not expect less than a month, as Lenya asked me to marry. It happened one evening. Lenya, as always, from work came home for dinner. And if we were to go on to bed, suddenly said, "Vic, I love you, I want to sleep and wake up next to you, I wish we were always together you marry me..?" I was literally speechless. "I do not know ... - muttered, and felt his heart beat as higher -... I have so many problems No housing, no work Why do I write this," he said, thinking. But in the morning said, "Yes."

Lovers have decided to dispense with a white dress and a wonderful celebration. Only went to the registry office and signed. At the ceremony only parents invited.

- And, of course, Sasha - adds Wick. - I've never seen him so happy. I see myself not to see - all the time you smile and want to laugh. I can not believe that until recently I was sitting on the station, crying and felt so miserable. And let anyone tell me then that in life there are no miracles.


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