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Dnepropetrovsk road

I still went. Very packed up and ran to the bus station, bought a ticket. I went on my way to the train ticket office to find out may still be better to train. It's 3:00 AM, 6:00 bus. But the train station to be fired .. girl friend went to the day when the bridge was blown up once, as a result of the train was late and drove instead of three eight hours. I went on Monday and today, Tuesday called and said that the people on the railway can not go sit in tunnels. I just, well, time. In railway ticket offices, I decided to clarify the situation. My question is whether the station, his aunt twisted face, I came to the conclusion that it is important to sell a ticket. And if I die, then purple. So I decided not to risk it and go by bus.
We left in the morning of 6-20. Early, but not hot. Until then, I suddenly overnight sharply early in the morning I can not call a taxi. But it's OK, come 24 Volga, on its last legs breathe, but not to fat. Bus route was to go through a war zone, but he continued, of course, far from the detour. By the time she got two hours longer. Along the way we passed three or four checkpoint, but we did not stop, even though cars were standing in line in the post on the outskirts of Makeyevka. Then we drove through Yasinovataya and went on Krasnoarmejsk. Up to 10 hours was good, not too hot, but the bus just darkness. Bogdan, so old that seemed to stall on the way. All so - holes ddyr people along the way ... more jammed. From the outset, the bus was three people, other women, and children. And a cute little dog, my. But it's great to sit on their hands and slept most of the way. When we arrived Krasnoarmejsk, I thought that the post is finished, called her all along, did not return a person there and go quietly on.
And on the way to the floor Krasnoarmejsk we toured the destroyed bridge, which still stands train. I saw these pictures, but to live it looks just awful, how terrible.
In this photo under the bridge there is a small passage. Rather, it was. When we went, the passage was not one. I had to go around far enough. Photographing, then add.
After about half an hour, or even more, we were stopped. Post. Went guy politely said hello and introduced - the division Berkut. Men prepare a passport. Checked the documents, another guy took his head t-shirts, watched him on the shoulder. As explained to me later, a neighbor looking for signs of wear machine. Someone asked:
- What services?
- Too bad that everything is very bad. We do not need them. Betrayed us once, soon betray second
Then wished a happy journey, and we drove on. I thought it was all about. But .... At the entrance to Dnepropetrovsk stopped again. The guy comes and announces the civilian - the separation of "the right sector," all make passport. Bus with people heat. All classes are held. Many people sat along the route. He begins to see your passport and those from Donetsk, and the Red Army for some reason (the city as part of the National Guard) asked why go to Odessa? Well, it feels good to have missed. Well, I guess all. But it was not there. Just before the town again. Comes to a man in camouflage, says - "separation" Dnepr ", men, prepare documents, which he looks at the guy who got the most and say where things are."? In the trunk, "" On the road. "As a result, the yield was on all men. He opened the bag, in strict customs inspection. And then stripped to the waist. The truth is released into the street all those who wanted to take a breath. At the office was a lot of men, all with guns, and almost rack. The horror. they were all released. That's how we came to Dnepropetrovsk. at 12-45. After Donetsk very noisy and crowded. I pulled away from a sound resembling the shots. But it is, of course, take place. And in Donetsk today shelling the city center. I ask God to stop this orgy. there is at least someone who could benefit from this ??? and if yes, then he can continue to live with a clear conscience. the universe, because the place !!!

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