Russian Brides folk dance

Russian Brides folk dance

One of the most ancient of arts is a folk dance Russian Brides. In the list of world folklore, its place is the Ukrainian folk dance! Ukrainian folk dance is known and loved Russian Brides around the world. From under contract centuries was rich with talent Ukrainian land Russian Brides!

The warm southern climate, without extreme steppe, the closeness of the sea and hot sun formed the character of the Ukrainian people Russian Brides. It is distinguished by its openness and kindness, courage and bravery. All these qualities are evident in the Ukrainian dance Russian Brides!

Ukrainian folk dance original and vivid, it is shot through with sincerity and warmth Russian Brides! Here and daring Cossack dances, tenderness and warmth of the female lyrical dances Russian Brides! Scalding and swift as the wind steppe, Ukrainian folk dance "Hopak" !

Ukrainian national costume is rich and bright Russian Brides! Wreath of flowers on the head of Ukrainian women Russian Brides symbolizes the beauty and tenderness, and wide trousers of the male Cossack prowess and mettle.

Ukrainian folk dance is a hurricane of emotions Russian Brides, plastics and a variety of drawing! Every movement in the Ukrainian folk dance is a story about life and love Russian Brides, work and recreation of a great nation, this is a cordial invitation to the hospitable Ukrainian land Russian Brides!

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